Our team has over 40 years experience in creating alliances, relationships and transactions in over 50 countries across the world.  


We work closely with startups, technology companies and their founders to effectively scale, enter new markets, build efficient teams and access growth capital. We have deep relationships with investors, government and corporates to enable meaningful discussions and acceleration.


We help companies increase revenue without incurring significant costs. We start by first getting to know the company, its culture and its purpose. When scaling, core values can get lost or muddled. We help ensure that while our clients look to expand into new markets, the essence of the business is maintained. We then help build the talent base, the best talent that we can find that fits the culture.


At UrbanKinetics, we work as one team and help plan the roadmap for expansion. Marketing (Growth Hacking) and Business Development strategies is at the core of our offering. Leveraging key market insights and relationships, with a focus on long-term sustainable growth, not just a short-term gain. We help with continuous optimization and lead generation.

Key areas we support with include: 1) Business Development 2) Access to funding 3) Key partnerships 4) Market insights 5) Peak Performance 6) Recruitment 

Innovation Ecosystem


UrbanKinetics partners with innovation ecosystems that are being developed across emerging markets, whereby leveraging the latest insights from startup accelerators, venture capitalists, private investors, foundations, entrepreneurs and mentors.


Through these ecosystems, we enable innovators and entrepreneurs to develop and launch solutions to solve real-world problems, faster.  This process creates expertise in new areas, helps to diversify the economy, and allows businesses to meet their customers where they are. Additionally, an innovation ecosystem provides the means to create economic stability and resource sharing.