"We need to think big and deploy disruptive technologies and financing mechanisms to house 100 million people by the end of the decade"

Our founders have over 30 years experience in creating alliances, relationships and transactions in Middle East, India and Africa. We work closely with leading clean tech companies, independent consultants, universities, government agencies and NGO's to ensure we are upto date with the latest in thought leadership, innovations, regulations and market trends

We are committed to:

Environmental Management

It is better (and cheaper) to deal with green issues, such as air quality and land and water use, before they become problems. We focus on creating superior cost-effective Ecologically Integrated Environments by advising on upcoming projects and developing an agenda that uses a variety of policies - such as regulations, zoning laws, market mechanisms, and incentives


Technology advancements are changing the way we live our lives and interact with the environment; and data is the currency of the smart society. In some countries, half or more of electricity is lost in transmission and distribution. Reducing those losses is a lot cheaper than building new power plants. We provide solutions for Environmental Recovery leveraging the latest in technology solutions and thought leadership. We plan to capture all necessary information to increase efficiency and make informed decisions.

Public - Private Partnerships

Well designed public - private partnerships have proved capable of delivering infrastructure and services at lower cost and higher quality. The key is to define concrete, measurable goals using cost - benefit analysis and rigorous performance metrics. Also supporting Entrepreneurship Initiatives that create green jobs, education & training whereby creating conscious business practices is essential

Stakeholder Awareness

With revolutionary products and services entering the market, we as a society should be aware of their uses and how it benefits our lives. By building Custom Models of Sustainability applicable to communities, countries and companies we can develop understanding and knowledge necessary to leverage the benefits across our ecosystem. But, as with any technical, economic and social shift on this scale, society will need to evolve to keep on benefiting.

Our Team


Sustainability experts, visionaries and enthusiasts who have extensive experience in environment & sustainability, renewable energy, real estate development, technology, finance, marketing & distribution and consulting.