Our expertise lies in environmental, energy, water, infrastructure, clean tech, IT&T and related services businesses in the sustainable industries sector

UrbanKinetics is a Dubai based corporate & investment advisory firm with over 25 years experience in creating alliances, relationships and transactions in Middle East, India and Africa. We work closely with investors who are looking to gain access to the 'Sustainable Tech & Smart Cities' industry. Our relationships with industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors ensures we have access to the best investment opportunities on an ongoing basis. In addition, we advise local, regional, and global technology companies on scaling their business in emerging markets by utilising our unique global network of contacts and expertise.


Developing countries today have a number of ongoing and planned projects and there are growing opportunities for our clients both in the Middle East region and in global markets. Do get in touch with us if you are interested in taking advantage of our range of value added advisory services. 

Funds: Private Equity & Venture Capital

We work with savvy investors, leading asset managers, investment banks and incubators to idenitfy and invest in companies that have proven business models and long - term growth potential. Co-invest with our partners today!

Capital Raising & Funding

We work closely with clients to quantify capital needs and to identify potential equity partners with the right commercial and cultural fit. Whilst a financial or institutional investor may prove the ideal capital provider for some companies, or others a trade or active investor is more appropriate. 

As a society we need to continue evolving and aspiring towards a better, smarter future. The future development of our smart society will only be secured if we can build a data friendly culture, deliver truly empowered digital citizens, develop the capacity of our public sector to support this work, invest in key elements of infrastructure, and collaborate to unlock new open platforms and open markets.


We constantly strive to partner with thought leaders and technology companies that are leaders in their respective fields. In partnership with innovators, we are currently introducing to emerging markets products which are: 


  • Globally Recognized & Certified 

  • Applicable for Commercial, Residential & Industrial uses in Developing Cities & Rural Areas

  • Environment Friendly, Technologically Advanced and Economically Viable

Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures

We support you through the life cycle of a joint venture or alliance. From pre-deal strategy through to implementation and governance we ensure a reliable service from creation to exit.

Marketing & Distribution

We identify and create distribution channels for your products in your target markets. Through our thorough understanding of the target market, we ensure that your product reaches the desired consumer at the most cost effective price.

Our Team


Sustainability experts, visionaries and enthusiasts who have extensive experience in environment & sustainability, renewable energy, real estate development, technology, finance, marketing & distribution and consulting. Over the last 30 years our founding team has developed strong and meaningful relationships with key stakeholders in Middle East, India, East & West Africa including government, NGOs, Corporates and community members at all levels.


Consulting Services


By keeping informed of industry developments and community requirements we are now in a position to bring together all stakeholders on a common platform to share and create solutions for our societies' issues. 


  • Community Development:

    • Create custom models of sustainability and build sustainable infrastructure for neighborhoods, communities, campuses, businesses, cities, states and countries worldwide. 

    • Provide solutions for creating green jobs, education, training, entrepreneurship and environmental recovery.


  • Marketing, Distribuion & Strategic Alliances:

    • Provide opportunities for commercialization of cutting edge technologies supporting sustainability.

    • Identify and create distribution channels for our clients' products in their target markets.


  • Capital Raising:

    • Acquire financing for project implementation and technology development. 

    • Quantify capital needs and identify potential equity partners with the right commercial and cultural fit.