Transport in Urban Systems

Intelligent Mobility: How we utilise a combination of systems thinking, technology and data across the transport network to inform decision making and enable behavioural change How? Cleaner - Transport, Energy Intensity and Carbon Uses Healthier - Walking and Cycling Informed and Responsive - Intellgent Mobility Safer and Connected - Autonomous Transport How do we move forward? We need to develop infrastructure resilience on multiple fronts Action is required to reduce emissions through a proactive combination of technology, regulations and standards and planning Effective integration of physical, digital, human systems Reports to deepend your understanding: ATKINS - FUTURE PROOFING CITIES

Dubai's ambitious developments upto 2020

Dubai is taking Expo 2020 very seriously. With all the planned mammoth developments, Dubai is setting the stage for a unique global gathering. This image by Ventures On Site clearly shows the projects being worked on. Where lies your interest? #Dubai #Expo2020

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