Our partners specialize in the design and construction of eco-recycling technologies.

Our aim is the recovery of all the recylable materials contained in:

  • Urban Solid Waste

  • End of Life Vehicles

  • Aluminum

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous materials

  • Glass

  • Copper from electric cables

  • Electric and electronic cards

  • PC motherboards

  • WEEE materials

  • Paper and paperboard

  • Construction & Demolition waste

  • Rubber – Tires

  • Wood and pallet

  • And many others

Tailor made designs and personalised services

Technical Innovation

Ecological Sensitivity

Flexible Installations

Adhering to laws and regulations

Solutions across varios products and industries

 Jaguar Series:

Perfect for the volume reduction of many different kinds of material including: foam rubber, electronic boards and cards, electric cables, wood, plastic, paper and paperboard, WEEE materials, Solid Urban Waste, parts from ELV (tyres, bumpers, dashboards, small tanks and fuel tanks, automotive textiles etc.) and many others. The two shredder shafts, made of stainless steel, are equipped with a security and protection device that allows their automatic inversion in case of excess material

The reinforced structure of the JAGUAR shredders is able to absorb any shock and can easily withstand even heavy-duty works. It is possible to add a 40 mm grid for processing electronic boards.

The ZIG ZAG separator has been ideated for effecting a dry pre-separation of materials with different specific weight, above all those derived from rigid copper cables or stiff metalloid pieces. This pre-separator can select the input material before it reaches the turbine pulverizer and, by removing the heaviest pieces of metal, it can facilitate the turbine work and avoid any mechanical stress or wear of the pulverizer blades. The ZIG ZAG separator structure is equipped with operational cyclones and dosing valves. The airflow can be adjusted in accordance with the type of material to separate. 

For all your eco-recycling needs, please contact us via: info@UrbanKinetics.co