At UrbanKinetics, we advise clean tech firms, project developers, investors and government to effectively embrace new technologies, enter new markets and access growth capital
Our mission is to empower the development of Low Carbon, Smart, Sustainable Cities 
and to support impact driven projects which are commercially viable 
Travel & Mobility
Energy & Infrastructure
Enterprise & IoT




Technology Selection

Market Access

Business Model Design


Integrate clean tech and climate change solutions into your business strategy



Fund Raising 

 Corporate Finance

Impact Investing

Access to objective and timely advice on all aspects of raising capital

Tap into our expertise in renewable energy, food, water, waste & housing
Introducing the worlds first Hybrid Wind / Solar Technology

Nobody has approached energy like this


Prioritizing social impact investing enables organizations to develop new inclusive markets, attract top talent, enhance brand value and build resilient, sustainable supply chains. We seek to help social businesses become catalysts for positive societal change.

We work with:
Government Agencies 
Multinational corporations
 Family offices & Private Equity firms  
SME's & Startups
 Nonprofit organizations & Foundations
Looking to implement CSR initiatives?
Work with us as we bring water solutions to underprivileged communities
UrbanKinetics is a social enterprise committed to the restoration of our planet while simultaneously making a positive impact on our people and economy
Connect with us and join our global community of changemakers

Dubai, UAE

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Did you know?
Humanity's total ecological footprint is estimated at 1.5 planet Earths. This means it now takes the Earth one year and six months to regenerate what we use in a year.