Purpose driven organisations are simplifying {and optimising} lives.
We exist to empower them

"Impact investments are investments made into companies, organisations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return"

We support developers of sustainable infrastructure opportunities and social enterprises doing great work in their communities 


Our Mission: Identify the best purpose driven businesses and connect them to smart capital

Are you an investor looking to enter the Impact space?

Contact us and learn more about our portfolio of businesses 

Our due diligence process is noteworthy


We pick the winners so you don't have to

To build the cities of the future, we mustempower:

Rural communities with the basic necessities

Businesses that are doing social good

Innovators who are introducing clean technologies


Impact Investing allows for just this

Increase impact intent and awareness

Prioritise reporting and measurement

Express social, political and environmental values

Achieve market rate returns with high dividend yields

We support businesses in various sectors

When you invest money, would you prefer:

Just getting financial returns?


Getting both financial and social returns?

We aim to generate competitive financial returns for investors

Impact investment can invent new economic models ​taking into consideration natural resources and conservation

Social entrepreneurs invest not only money but also a whole lot of time, energy and creativity. There is an opportunity for investors to use their investment power in a meaningful way

By investing in socially driven businesses, we are helping social entrepreneurs across the world to empower the lives of farmers, rural communities and small business owners 

We all deserve access to clean water, food, energy and security 


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