We offer a wide range of growth-oriented services to investors and companies both public and private, including investor search, fund raising, project finance, go-to-market planning, business plan design and technology roadmaps

Consulting Services

For tech firms and project developers looking to embrace new technologies, enter emerging markets and grow their business


  • Market Research & Business Planning - high level market / technology assessment

  • Identification of and introduction to prospective strategic alliance partners / innovators / distributors including facilitating discussions and deal structuring

  • Assistance in developing operating models - market development strategies and guidance on target geographic and customer sectors

  • Identify and bid on relevant projects

  • Support services - manage local business development and sales, project management, customer relations and logistics

Investment Advisory Services

We leverage our relationship with various investor groups to raise capital for innovative businesses and projects

  • Investment Search - Access traditional and alternative sources of debt and equity financing

  • Taget investor profiles - Research, review, prepare necessary materials and make presentations to investors

  • Due diligence support and commercial negotiations - work with key parties including law firms and other advisors

  • Structure and negotiate terms and conditions

  • Assist with documentation and closing

Companies in the Clean Tech field face a myriad of financing challenges. What is the optimal funding strategy for an acquisition? How can the development and launch of new products or services be paid for more creatively? What approaches can be taken to improve balance sheet flexibility or limit equity dilution? Too often the options are formulaic and inflexible

At UrbanKinetics, our comprehensive understanding of the industry allows us to appreciate opportunity even when complex financial, legislative, regulatory and competitive pressures are present. Collaboration, intellectual curiosity and pragmatism define our approach. We craft flexible, tailored and often unexpected financing options, exploring every angle so that companies can execute their business strategy to the fullest


We support businesses in various sectors

Investors associated with dotcom startups are turning their attention to clean technology – but can they revolutionise the sector?

Our benefits

We have a deep understanding of the business culture and expectations of our respective international and local clients which enables us to provide time saving and essential value by targeting only those groups where a mutual and aligned understanding will result.

Coupled with the practical delivery of market profiling, business planning and operational execution, our network of local advisors also provide invaluable insight into regional political, cultural, business and other related domestic and cross border issues

 Please contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist your business

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