Integration of clean technologies is necessary towards creating Future, Smart, Sustainable cities 

How do we take the best practices from the past and combine them with the latest technologies to enable sustainable living?

Clean Technologies are rapidly being adopted globally and at UrbanKinetics, we are committed to introduce them to communities inorder to make a positive environmental impact

We represent technologies that are:

Applicable for Commercial, Residential & Industrial uses in Developing Cities & Rural Areas


Globally Recognized & Certified 

Environmentally Friendly, Technologically Advanced and Economically Viable

Benefits of our participation:


  • Access to the best and the most advanced state-of-the-art eco-sustainable technologies

  • A team of highly experienced international and local professionals working together to develop the best possible solutions

  • Full participation in all project stages for the best utilisation of expertise and environmentally sound technologies

  • Your ideal project management partner committed to your goals 


We follow Sustainable Practices in all our projects:


  • Shifting emphasis from corporate capital to human capital

  • Whatever we do must not be detrimental to anything or anyone else

  • Values in action and ethical business practices in all our endeavors

  • Helping others to help themselves in the spirit of collaboration and partnership

  • Committing our resources to sustain our environment and projects of social value


Whether you are looking for some advice from our enthusiastic team or simply some technology insights, please get in touch.

 We are bringing together a team of experts in environmental, energy, water, infrastructure, clean tech, IT&T and related businesses in the sustainable industries sector

Our projects are in partnership with governments, technology providers and investors

Project Partners

As Dubai continues to evolve in line with the upcoming Expo 2020, we are building our expertise and raising awareness within the community to embrace the developments. The Middle East's Smartest City is getting smarter and at UrbanKinetics, we are committed to support the vision to make it the best Expo yet. Join us and our visionary leader into the future! 

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