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CONSULTANCY for Travel Companies, Government Bodies and Destinations 

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As an independent travel & tourism consultant, I advise travel providers, multinational companies, communities, governments and destinations to plan & implement sustainable and impactful travel solutions.

How can I help you?

  • MARKETING PLANS: Research, analysis, market intelligence and development of a compelling brand platform

  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Develop and expand tourism products and services that meet the expectations of high-yield travelers

  • TOURISM BUSINESS & ECONOMICS: Strategies to grow tourism revenue taking into account existing capacity of product, experiences and infrastructure

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Engage travelers in various initiatives such as carbon offset programs, environment awareness and cultural understanding

  • TECHNOLOGY & IMPACT: Leverage the latest tech to create immersive, memorable and connected experiences for travelers

  • BRANDED CONTENT: Creation of inspirational video and written content to build intimacy and a powerful personal relationship with travelers

  • EVENT MANAGEMENT: From large scale gatherings to local community meetups



Having worked with leading consulting and marketing firms including PwC and Starcom MediaVestGroup, and on my entrepreneurial ventures in the travel industry, I am confident on the impact I can make on my clients' businesses and planned initiatives. Being an avid traveller, I have a good understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities the Travel & Tourism industry faces. I am passionate about raising awareness about conscious travel and developing inclusive strategies for all stakeholders involved to achieve desired objectives.



Our founder, Varun Simba Kapur started adventuring at a young age. Family vacations, over zealous friends and inspiring mentors all encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone, give in to natural curiousities and mix with cultures from all over the world. Having traveled to over 40 countries and spent many nights in buses and trains, he is now an Adventure Hacker, An Adventurist, A Global Citizen. 

He created Adrenaline! in 2008  to share experiences with his friends and community in Dubai. It's been a rewarding journey. Today, we proud ourselves on being advocates on building a sustainable travel industry and of course have fun doing it! Join our community, go on adventures and spread the message. Welcome Home!