We have a combination of technologies for treating water. We mainly use electrolysis systems combined with water treatment apparatus and systems to achieve impressive purification results with unmatched flow rates of purified water. 

Green Friendly: No chemicals are added to the system and purified water is returned safe to environment. 

Turnkey & Tailor Made Solutions: We have extensive experience in water treatment. All the research, development and testing of the machines have been verified in commercial deployment in Australia, Europe and the USA. 


Carbon neutral, Cost Effectiveness and Efficiencies: Enjoy significant cost savings by avoiding excessively high transportation expenses and in gaining a system that will operate 24/7, monitored from remote locations.   

Wastewater is the No 1 problem in the Oil, Gas and mining industries today.


The number of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) shale oil and gas wells in the US, and worldwide, continues to increase. Our Water Treatment System can treat between 125,000 to 200,000 gallons of frac water per day per module.


The treated water is also able to be recycled, or reused by the Oil and Gas Companies. If desired the water can also be treated and cleaned from both Salt (usually by RO membrane), Silica, Phosphor (additional technology) and other key components. 

Our Turkey Case Study: Converting Organic Solid and Liquid Waste to Energy, Organic Fertilizer and Clean Water

We can provide a successful project from start (feasibility studies) to completion (engineering, procurement, and construction) and beyond (start up and operations). 



  • Facility site review and selection.

  • Waste source compatibility, homogeneity and process review.

  • Assist in financing, if needed.


Project Management

  • Budget control and oversight.

  • Vendor/partner selection and oversight

  • Quality control.



  • Energy conversion process engineering.

  • Civil and structural engineering.

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering.

  • Architectural and design engineering.



  • Component manufacturer selection.

  • Component pricing negotiations.

  • Component fabrication and delivery oversight.



  • Construction company, general contractor and construction management company selection.

  • Contractor and fabricator selection.

  • Project Management and Contract administration.



  • Start up and training.

  • Facility and process management. 

For enquiries related to water treatment solutions and technologies, please contact us via: info@UrbanKinetics.co